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Elan-M100-Closed-Loop-Manual-V6 (Pdf) 29,919,074
Elan-M100-Electrical-Manual-V2 (Pdf) 3,984,075
Elan-M100-Electrical-Manual-V6 (Pdf) 3,995,205
Elan-M100-Electrical-Manual-V6 missing pages (Pdf) 275,772
Elan-M100-Engine-Management-Manual-V6 (Pdf) 8,712,013
Elan M100-Federal Directionals and Hazard Wiring Diagram (jpg) 108,544
Elan-M100-Fed (SIR) Service Manual (Zip) 16,400,384
Elan-M100-Maintenance-Schedule-V6 (Pdf) 345,413
Elan-M100-NA-Ign & MPFI-Section EML (Pdf) 5,238,784
Elan-M100-Owners-iHandbook (Pdf) 19,511,451
Elan-M100-Owners-Handbook (Pdf) 17,909,064
Elan-M100-Owners-Handbook-Extra-Service-Pages (Phil W) (Pdf) 124,928
Elan-M100-Owners-Handbook-Extra-Service-Pages (Zip File) (Phil J) (Pdf) 16,957,440
Elan-M100-Parts-Guide-V2 (Pdf) 9,208,526
Elan-M100-Parts-Guide-V6 (Pdf) 37,592,018
Elan-M100-Parts-Guide-V6 Missing Water Pump + Thermostat pages (Pdf) 1,312,768
Elan-M100-Parts-Guide-V7 (Has extra added notes but not indexed) (Pdf) 4,187,774
Elan-M100-Parts-Guide-V8-(S2) (Pdf) 32,647,409
Elan-M100-Sales-Literature-V6 (Pdf) 6,678,899
Elan-M100-Service-Bulletins-V6-black-on-white (Pdf) 8,655,259
Elan-M100-Service-Bulletins-V6-white-on-black (Pdf) 6,340,294
Elan-M100-Service-Labour-Times-V6 (Pdf) 5,859,618
Elan-M100-Service-Manual-V2 (Pdf) 25,787,676
Elan-M100-Service-Manual-V6 (Pdf) 16,804,361
Elan-M100-Training-Course-Notes-V1-Overview (Pdf) 3,495,616
Elan-M100-Training-Course-Notes-V2-Engine (Pdf) 2,458,411
Elan-M100-Training-Course-Notes-V3-Electrical (Pdf) 3,506,809
Elan-M100-Training-Course-Notes-V4 Chassis-&-Suspension (Pdf) 4,654,542
Elan-M100-Fed (SIR) Service Manual (Zip) 16,400,384
Clemo's Boot Release (Pdf) 233,472
Door Card Removal Process (Pdf) 684,920
Door Window Fault Guide (Pdf) 3,625,538
Gearbox-Manuals-GM (Zip) 2,497,536
Hardtop Fitting Guide (Pdf) 85,344
IHI-Turbo-Rebuild (Pdf) 1,262,407
Installing a V4 Daughterboard for the Mountain Chip (Pdf) 259,792
Impulse_Engine-Parts-Catalog (Pdf) 6,127,772
KIA_Elan-Parts-Catalog (Pdf) 5,112,720
Lifter (tappet) Cleaning & refurb - with verbal instructions (MP4) 47,254,327
Lifter (tappet) Cleaning - Silent (MP4) 10,450,201
Misdiagnosing a Distributorless System (Pdf) 51,849
Rebuilding Brake Proportioning Valves (Pdf) 121,456
Rebuilding Rear Calipers (Pdf) 221,560
Replacing H1 Headlamp Bulb with H4 Diagram (Pdf) 93,845
Replacing Raft Rear Bushes without major disassembly: by Gordon (Pdf) 1,034,240
 Replacing the Alternator (Pdf) 173,815
Seatbelt-Maintenance (from LEC Topic) (Pdf) 65,726
Specky's Window Regulator Remove and Refit (Pdf) 3,017,728
Trim Tech Hood Instructions (Pdf) 1,425,865
Water Ingress Addendum (Pdf) 129,245